Dmitriy Dedov

Justice of the Supreme Commercial Court in 2008-2012, Justice of the European Court of Human Rights since 2013. More detail

Decisions in which the judge dissented

Decision number and date Subject area
Judgment of 12.04.2011 № 17053/10 Bankruptcy
Judgment of 19.07.2011 № 4104/11 Bankruptcy
Judgment of 29.11.2011 № 7803/11 Bankruptcy trustees; administrative liability
Total for the year 2011: 3 opinions
Judgment of 24.01.2012 № 12576/11 Real estate title clearance
Judgment of 06.03.2012 № 12505/11 Recovering losses from a director of the company; conflict of interest
Judgment of 07.06.2012 № 1009/11 Competition in the energy supply market
Total for the year 2012: 3 opinions
  • 27.05.2013 | 12:00
    The importance of preceding practice and available court decisions, the very precedentiality liberate a particular judge from individual responsibility.  During a year ECHR receives about 50 thousand complaints. They mostly have one-type character. Usually it is possible to find an apposite decision, based on the ones adopted earlier… In Russia we, judges, exercise justice, often being guided by our intuition, our ideas of justice, good and evil. In ECHR the same things also exist, but bear less emotional character. The approach is rather pragmatic, procedural, precedential. (Full version.)