An addition to our collection

Oct 5, 2015

In the article published in 2012 by Review of Central and East European Law, two American lawyers, William Pomeranz and Max Gutbrod, gave a detailed analysis of both general and technical aspects of the development of judge-made law in Russia. Their particular attention is to the years 2008-2010, when the Supreme Arbitrazh Court and Constitutional Court have jointly provided a legal mechanism for that development. The authors discuss the consequences of the novelties in question, as well as their relation to the principles of separation of powers and judicial independence.  

In order to read the article, please follow the link. The article is published here thanks to the authors' permission.

Besides, we added, also with author's permission, an article by William Pomeranz (in the Russian language) regarding judicial dissents in 2005 Constitutional Court case, in which the abolition of election of regional governors was upheld.