Anton Ivanov. Доклад Председателя Высшего Арбитражного Суда РФ А.А. Иванова на VII Всероссийском Съезде судей // ЭЖ-Юрист. 04.12.2008

Dec 4, 2008
The Chairman of the Supreme Commercial Court of Russia, Anton Ivanov, in his speech to the VII All-Russian Congress of Judges, made the following statements:

"The work of judicial system must be predictable. To solve this issue, a further institutionalisation of judicial practice is required. It is necessary to study the practice of courts at all levels more actively, and to pay particular attention to preparing reviews based on its analysis and generalisation. We should introduce preliminary requests [to higher courts] into practice. And the most important thing - it is necessary to recognise the decisions of courts of last resort as judicial precedents”. (Full version of the speech)