An important update

Sep 9, 2014
The Law section of our website has undergone numerous changes necessitated by the 2014 reform of court system in Russia. The changes relate in the first place to the legislation on commercial (arbitrazh) courts, since the Supreme Commercial Court has been abolished by this reform, and the second cassational instance for commercial litigation has been established in the form of the Supreme Court's Division for Economic Disputes.

Project creators decided not to delete from the Law section all the provisions which, as a result of this reform, have lost effect, no matter formally or de facto, but, rather, to highlight them by crossing lines or otherwise specify their current status. Therefore, the provisions that before August 2014 had been constituting the legal basis for the activities of the Supreme Commercial Court will be preserved in that section for the convenience of our visitors.

Besides, a short overview of Russian court system in the English version of our website has been updated to reflect the changes occurred. From this overview those visitors who do not read Russian may obtain general information as to the organisation and functioning of Russian courts at present.