The Farewell

Aug 6, 2014

Yesterday, 5th August 2014, was the last day of the existence of the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation. The Сourt started working in 1992 and soon became the principal tribunal creating judicial precedents for Russian business law. It enjoyed great respect throughout the Russian legal community, although at times its legal innovations might give rise to criticism. In any event, its contribution to Russian law is difficult to overrate, and its interpretations, consisting in both concrete cases and abstract interpretive decrees, still constitute an essential part of Russian entrepreneurial law.

It remains to be seen whether its successor, the Division for Economic Disputes of the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court as a whole are able to sustain the former Court’s line of judge-made law which proved to be so useful and, at any rate, inevitable for meeting the needs of Russian business community. The first Plenary Session of the Supreme Court will take place tomorrow, on the 7th August. In the meantime, only about a half of judges’ seats are filled at present; others are still vacant.

The Institute of Precedent wishes the best of luck and every success to former judges and staff of the Supreme Commercial Court. Their work was an important page in the Russian legal history.